We are translators specialized in financial, legal and international trade texts.


Specialists in a global world where accurate translation makes all the difference.

Imagine an international expansion where there is no need to speak languages.

Customers, suppliers, consultants. They all would speak your language.

And there wouldn't be any document that you couldn't understand.

A world without translators, perhaps.

The world is different and we cannot change it, but we can work to help you understand it in your own language.

We take care of the translation of your company's texts so that you only have to worry about growing your business, not the language.

Export companies, banks, law firms, fund managers, private equity firms and financial agents are some of our clients.

We love our work and our clients love it too.

We are waiting for you.

Our philosophy:

In business it is not enough to understand something "more or less".

That is why we provide accurate and reliable translations of financial, legal and foreign trade documents.

Because a mistake costs money.

And accuracy means peace of mind.

You know very well that a mistake in the translation of a contract, a balance sheet or the presentation of your company's results can ruin a business.

I'm not just saying this because someone will benefit from that mistake, and it probably won't be you.

I say it because you will lose trust, and trust is key in any business.

In business, trust is everything, and if someone finds a significant error in the translation of a document, they may wonder if you are just as careless in the rest of your work.

Hence our obsession with accuracy.


We are financial and legal professionals, fluent in several languages, with technical translation experience in our fields.

We are not translators who "know something about finance or law".

You can often find agencies that offer specialized technical translation services, but the translators they use have no direct experience in the industry they are translating from.

It is not the same thing to have a contract to be translated by a translator "who knows something about law or finance" as it is to have that text were translated by a translator who is a professional in finance, foreign trade or law, who is fluent in more than one language and who is also well versed in the translation business, is it?

At JoMe Translations we believe that it is very important to have first-hand knowledge of the sector for which you are translating, and that is why our team is made up of professionals who have worked directly in the world of finance, law or foreign trade.

Because we know that you are not satisfied with having a "more or less translated" text, so we do not stop at "more or less understanding" the text we translate.

Our specialties

Economics and Finance

Financial and accounting texts

Our differentiating value is the team's experience in the world of banking and financial services, not only as translators, but also as key players in these businesses.

We understand the industry and know its needs first-hand because we have been there.

Contracts, market research, insurance policies, press releases, annual accounts and reports, quarterly reports, management reports, earnings presentations and documentation for M&A are some of the documents we translate.

Finance is complex. Get it done in your language.



An increasingly regulated world

Business and law are increasingly going hand in hand.

Today, it is impossible to understand a merger or acquisition process, or an IPO, without drafting, studying and reviewing hundreds of contracts with as many sections and clauses.

It's also impossible to think about the day-to-day operations of our business without a myriad of legal documents.

Contracts, insurance policies, licenses and regulatory manuals have become the order of the day.

And these are not documents to be translated lightly.

Having a translator who specializes in financial and legal texts will save you aggravation and, most importantly, money.

International Trade

Global translators for a global business

Don't limit your business growth to markets that speak your language.

We translate commercial documents, contracts, commercial invoices, shipping documents, insurance policies and claims...

With our translations, you won't miss out on any business opportunities or let others take the lead at international trade shows.

Because business opportunities arise in every country, in every language, and not always in our own language.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on your business and not on the language.


Our working languages

Job opportunities are fickle and do not understand languages.

That is why we have our own specialists in the following languages:

English - Spanish - German - French - Portuguese - Italian - Dutch

Translation of financial, accounting and legal documents

Accurate translations by a team of translators with first-hand experience of the industry.

This is precisely the added value we offer you: our team has years of experience in the world of banking and financial services, not only in translating documents, but also as key players in the management of financial services businesses.

Banks, fund managers and financial brokers work with us to keep their clients well informed, and in their own language.

Some of the documents we translate for our clients include:

  • Financial statements: annual accounts, annual reports, reports, presentation of results
  • Contracts: sale and purchase, leasing, service agreements (SLA)
  • Insurance: policies, reports, claims, appraisals, valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions: financial statements, filings, commercial documentation
  • Business reports: market reports, audit reports, press releases, presentations, etc.
  • Policies and procedures: regulatory compliance, rules of conduct, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Mutual fund documentation: prospectuses, investment policies, periodic information, etc.
  • Securities identification and explanatory documents: fixed income, IPOs

Our goal is to ensure that our clients' investment decisions are based on seamless basis in terms of communication.

International trade

Your company is looking for growth opportunities wherever they arise, regardless of countries, borders or languages, right?

Good for you.

Why limit your growth to countries that speak your language?

Calculate the business opportunities you would lose if you did so.

With our translations you won't miss a beat.

If you are attending or exhibiting at an international trade show, we will review and translate your business documents and contracts.

If you already deal with foreign customers or suppliers, trust us with your contracts, files, commercial invoices, licenses, certificates of origin and transport, insurance policies...

The idea is to allow you to concentrate on your activity.

Leave the languages to us.

We translate, you sell and everyone is happy.

Some of the documents we translate for our clients are:

  • Contracts: cooperation, confidentiality, purchase and sale contracts...
  • Transportation documents: bills of lading, waybills, consignment notes
  • Invoices: estimates, pro forma invoices, valuations
  • Customs documents: certificates of origin, sanitary and environmental certificates
  • Insurance documents: policies, certificates, claims, etc.
  • Payment or collection documents: simple or complex


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the most common questions our clients ask us.

If yours is not included, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@jometranslations.com.



Q/ Who are you and why did you start JoMe Translations?

A/ My name is Jose Menendez. I have a degree in Business Administration and Management and have worked for more than 20 years in the financial sector, in areas such as private banking, internal audit and financial asset management.

I also have a passion for languages and have been working as a technical translator for almost 10 years, specializing in economic and financial texts.

For years, I have noticed a shortcoming in the most well-known agencies: they have translators who have studied Translation and Interpretation and have some specialization (for example, finance or law).

But they are not economists or lawyers, and that is a problem.

Because for a technical translation it is not enough to "know something about" economics or law.

It is more practical to have financial, accounting or legal professionals who are fluent in several languages and know how to translate correctly.

More practical and reliable.

JoMe Translations was born almost 5 years ago with the aim of providing this added value. The team has grown and our philosophy remains the same.



Q/How does your service work? What does it do for my business?

A/ We offer translation and proofreading services specializing in economic/financial, legal and foreign trade texts.

When a client requests a translation, we provide a free quote and estimated turnaround time within 24 business hours.

Once the quote is approved by the client, one of our professionals will begin the translation process.

Once the text has been translated, the translation is reviewed by another professional.

With the final verification of formats, we obtain a final document that is a faithful translation of the document requested by the client.

The added value that we provide with our translations is knowing that the text that the client receives is a faithful translation of the original document, that the translation has been done by a professional in the field corresponding to the document (financial, legal...) and that it has been checked in detail before delivery.



Q/ Are there many agencies like JoMe Translations? How does it differ from other translation agencies?

A/ There are many translation agencies, but almost all of them employ translators who know something about a particular specialty (financial, legal, industrial...).

However, there are very few agencies that have collaborators with direct experience in the sector for which they translate, who are familiar with its problems and the terminology used in the industry.

Nor are we hostages to artificial intelligence (which is often more "artificial" than "intelligent"), nor do we leave translations in the hands of anyone, regardless of the volume.

All our clients are important and receive this added value from us.

This is our philosophy and this is why our clients continue to entrust us with their translations.



Q/ Why is it so important to have an experienced professional in charge of translations? Won't any translator do it?

A/ We are talking about translations of contracts, financial statements, agreements between companies, documents related to mergers and acquisitions...

In short, we are talking about documents where a mistake costs money.

A "normal" translator can translate such a text, but he/she would have many more doubts than a professional translator and the translated document would be more inaccurate.

There are documents that "go nowhere" and can be entrusted to anyone. But these documents deserve to be translated by an experienced translator, not by an inexperienced translator or a "ChatGPT".



Q/ Will your services increase the reliability of our translations?

A/ Without a doubt. Working with JoMe Translations means working with translators who have seen firsthand what each industry requires, know your terminology, and understand your business.

This allows us to be more efficient (because the translator already knows what the document is about) and thus improve the efficiency and, most importantly, the reliability of our clients' translations.



Q/ What guarantees do you offer?

R/ Few services come with a guarantee.

I don't know of any translation agency that does this.

JoMe Translations does not.

But we are confident in our work because our clients are satisfied with it, and that is our best recommendation.



Q/ How much do you charge for your services?

R/ It depends. There is no standard price because there is no standard document.

However, as a guideline, our cost structure is very efficient and this allows us to offer competitive prices, without losing sight of the quality that our translations deserve.

Tell us about your case at info@jometranslations.com and we will give you a free quote in less than 24 business hours.

I'm sure you will find our prices attractive.



Q/ Which languages do you work with?

A/ These are our working languages:

English - Spanish - German - French - Portuguese - Italian - Dutch

Need to translate a document to or from another language? Send us an email at info@jometranslations.com and we will try to provide you with a solution as reliably and quickly as possible.



Q/ Do you translate texts in other fields?

A/ We specialize in economic, accounting, financial, legal and foreign trade texts.

For example, one of our most requested services is the translation of contracts.

However, we know that the reality of companies (and translations) is much broader.

Our collaborators are multi-skilled professionals who have worked in various sectors or who know other reputable professionals who translate other types of documents and sectors.

Tell us about your case at info@jometranslations.com and we will try to offer you a suitable solution.



Shall we talk?

Write us an email to info@jometranslations.com and tell us about your case, what you need, ask us what we can do for you.

We'll be happy to analyze your case, propose a solution and send you a free quote in less than 24 working hours.

You can also call us at +34 611 104 980 or send us a WhatsApp.